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Visual Technologies partners with many Central New York hotels to provide audio visual services. VTC maintains fully equipped audio visual offices on-site, and our technicians consult and interact with each facility on a daily basis. We have developed an intricate knowledge of each property, making our techs perfectly qualified to provide the exact equipment your meeting or presentation requires. If specialty equipment is necessary but not on site, it's available from our home office, only minutes away.



Video Production

VTC Video Productions

VTC Video Services provides a full range of production capabilities from non-linear editing to 3D graphics animation, graphic design to 'picture to video' and PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations. Our experience in non-linear editing comes from being one of the first facilities in our production niche with a fully digital editing suite. We consistently research products used in large market production houses and make that technology available to you at a fraction of the cost.


Video Depositions

When a witness is not available to give live testimony, we can record and show it for you. Our experienced professional videographers understand the importance of capturing the full essence of the testimony, including the witness’ body language, voice inflection and emotion. Video depositions are handled with the utmost professionalism and the keenest attention to detail.



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