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Visual Technologies partners with many Central New York hotels to provide audio visual services. VTC maintains fully equipped audio visual offices on-site, and our technicians consult and interact with each facility on a daily basis. We have developed an intricate knowledge of each property, making our techs perfectly qualified to provide the exact equipment your meeting or presentation requires. If specialty equipment is necessary but not on site, it's available from our home office, only minutes away.



Video Conferencing

Why Videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing is changing the way companies do business. It facilitates a face-to-face meeting environment across town, across the country and around the world, clearing the way for efficient communication and collaborative decision making both within and between organizations. It is proving to be an extremely powerful business tool, transforming day-to-day business operations by helping to increase individual effectiveness, optimize resources, and maximize productivity.


Videoconferencing delivers immediate benefits. It enables your company to increase top-line performance and profitability by:


- Improving productivity.

- Increasing access to information and expertise.

- Effectively shortening time-to-market and response-to-market change

   allowing for more efficient allocation of resources.

- Accelerating decision making.

- Reducing travel time, stress and related expenses.


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