SRC Arena

The SRC Arena and Events Center is a premier facility, hosting major college and community events, the arts, Commencement and award ceremonies, athletic events and more.



Providing Service to Central New York Since 1954.

Visual Aid Equipment Corporation was established in 1954 by Ewald Maas. Fifty years ago, the audio visual market was no more than filmstrip projectors, screens and audio cassette players. In 1981 Visual Aid Equipment was purchased by David J. Foor. Since that time our inventory has been continuously expanded and updated so now we can provide you with the most technically advanced equipment offered by the industry.


In 1996 we changed our name to Visual Technologies Corporation. Why the name change? There's a simple explanation. We've outgrown our name… we're so much more than visual aid equipment now. We are your complete source for multimedia technology. We have equipment as diverse as slide projectors to data projectors…audio cassette players to auditorium sound systems…camcorders to non-linear video production systems. Our services include more than just sales - we also rent, lease, consult, service, and stage.

VTC is able to meet all of you Multi-Media needs

In addition, our services include computer rentals, installation services and a public video conferencing facility. You can rent our room to consult with work associates, clients or save time and money by performing legal depositions or job interviews across country and the world.


Videoconferencing is changing the way companies do business. It facilitates a face-to-face meeting environment across town, across the country, and around the world

Imagine the Possibilities

You are welcome to call or stop by our office to learn more about the state-of-the-art nature of our industry and what's happening "behind the scenes". We look forward to hearing from you!

VTC Productions

Our video services department offers CD/DVD duplications, video transfers, picture-to-videos to help honor or celebrate that special occasion and full scale video production ranging from shooting in the field or in the studio to editing together a complete video. Our editing ranges from simple transitions and graphics to 3-D effects.


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